To Our Partners

To Our Partners

To Our Partners

We are wishing you, your family, and your team a wonderful 2022 filled with happiness, health, and success. I look back on 2021 with gratitude; I am grateful to have you as a partner. Mia Share was started to support trade & technical schools empower their students. In 2021 we made our biggest strides yet in our journey to fulfill that mission.

We are obsessed with your success. 2021 was a busy year, we spent a lot of time with our heads down building. For 2022, we are focused on doing more of what makes us special - increasing our understanding of your business, using your feedback to improve, and continuing to go above and beyond for you and your students. The improvements we have made this past year are because of your interaction and transparency with us.

Some 2021 highlights:

1. Impact: Projected $700mm+ in extra lifetime income for our students!

2. 70+ partner schools across the country. One of our partner schools increased their enrollment 5x.

3. $13mm+ tuition value facilitated.

4. Grew the full-time team to 9 members.

5. Launched the career hub to help students land jobs.

6. Continue to improve MOSP (3 new student payment options – contact to learn more)

We continue to strive to meet our core values:

1. Students always come first.

2. Do what’s right.

3. Collaborate openly.

4. Passion.

5. Trust is everything.

Thank you again for your partnership. To more success in 2022!


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