Expert guidance to make data driven decisions

We want to empower better business decisions through more useful data. Use Mia Share's platform to get the most out of your data and deliver a seamless experience to your students.
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Seamless Integration

We go the extra mile to bring you and your team a frictionless experience and advanced insights. We build, manage, and fund seamless tuition solution and support with complete visibility and transparency.


24/7 access to live data and reports. Export data in easy to consume formats.


Our partnerships team will ensure you utilize data to the max.


150+ dynamic notifications fully automated to keep students informed.

Guidance & Insights

Discover the market trends within your industry and make data-driven decisions. Leverage the asset that will generate the biggest return.

Centralized Data

Access all of your payment needs in one great location. All powered by  Mia Share technology and human support.

Data-driven Impact

Our partnerships team will analyze your account and ensure you utilize data to the max.
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Loved by Trade Schools Across the Country

“I would say the customer service to the team, the salespeople, and the IT department. Having a team that can understand what we’re doing here, it almost feels like they work at iCode. The customer service team, the salespeople, and even the IT department are part of the team. It was something that we needed and we love.”
Daryl P.
School Owner
“They have helped us increase our enrollment by over 30%. The Mia Share team is always on point, they truly care, go above and beyond, and are quickly becoming invaluable.”
Tyler S.
School Owner
“I have great trust that the processes in place when we hand these accounts over, will be handled effectively and efficiently. Since joining Mia Share, compliance is never on my radar. I have trust that I can focus my time on my tasks and that Mia Share’s system is working with me.”
Jim M.
Campus Director
"We have been able to increase our collections and decrease costs, not to mention the precious time we have saved using their platform and team. Their easy-to-use payment processing system has been a game-changer for my programs. Their support is on point and they are always instantly responsive."
Dustin M.
School Owner
“I wish you came around in 2004, I have lost so much money trying to manage and collect payments myself.”
Konni F.
School Owner
“That was a huge problem before Mia Share started. My problem has been acknowledged and resolved. I can go to my boss and confidently say everybody is on time with payments. Which is a huge win.”
Jim M.
Campus Director

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