We are focused on high-value education.

Together we can help improve the lives of so many individuals in local communities and create life-changing opportunities.

Our Mission

We enable trade and technical schools to offer the best payment options that increase enrollment, allowing students greater access to life-changing education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower everyone to unlock their human capital through access to the best education.

Our Values

We will be the partner for schools that prioritize student outcomes. We offer schools best-in-class analytics and data management, scalable systems, innovative solutions, customization, transparency, and hands-on customer support. We see value opportunities in expanding the solutions we provide for our schools and students. We see large-scale potential in implementing income-based structures across a wide range of personal finance and employee benefit programs.

Committed to student success

We are only successful if our students are.

Do what’s right

We treat all our partners and students the way we want our own families to be treated.

Collaborate openly

We are stronger together and we deliver more through shared goals, support and open communication.

Passionate about what we do

We will work tirelessly for the success of our students and schools.

Trust is everything

We are transparent and we do what we say we’re going to do.

Results matter

We analyze outcomes to continually improve.

What sets us apart

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Human Communication

Our hands-on approach increases student satisfaction and collection rates.
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Data-Focused Guidance

Work faster and smarter by integrating trends forecasted by our trade school experts.
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Career Support

Career placement resources will guarantee student success and tuition repayment.