Promote growth through accessibility

Drive your school's success through increased student satisfaction. Mia Share offers many customizable tuition options for institutions of any size.

Smart Invoicing

Invoice students for books, tuition, housing and more. Our system gives you the flexibility to be creative and find payment solutions for students. Keep all your payments organized while reducing your payment processing and transaction costs.

Mia Share specializes in collections and technology, improving collection rates and satisfaction.
Easy to use platform that provides better organization and control.
~$4,000 average invoice amount.

Payment Plans

Empower your students with flexible payment plans suiting more financial situations. With Mia Share Payment Plans, you can create a custom experience for your student body with the most competitive rates and best results in the industry.

Custom Payment Plans
Send students custom payment plans created by you right from your dashboard.
Payment Plan
Define your terms and allow students to create the payment plan that works best for them.
Preset Payment Plan
We will collaborate with you to set up a preset menu of options that can account for all students' needs.
Deferred Tuition
A payment plan that starts after graduation and only after a student is hired.

"Now we have a company that can handle financing for us. They send us reports and ask for our decisions on certain accounts, but we don't have to make the phone calls. We don't have to send the reminders."

-Daryl, School Owner

Deferred Tuition

A payment plan that starts after graduation and only after a student is hired.

Increase Enrollment

27% increase in sales when allowing people to pay in installments.

Control & Flexibility

Create your own terms when building your Payment Plan.

Improved Profit

Costs for collections are decreased as the responsibility for managing and collecting payments gets handed off entirely to Mia Share. 

Reliable Collections

Over 150 dynamic notifications fully automated to keep students engaged throughout their journey.

Hybrid Plan

Students make simple fixed Payment Plan payments while they are in school, and pay the reduced tuition, post- graduation.

Solve for additional upfront funding demands while securing all of the upside.
Reduce the total tuition cost by allowing students to pay a portion during school.
You will receive an average of 50% of tuition by time of graduation.

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