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310+ schools choose Mia Share to manage their tuition options and student payments. Use Mia Share to increase accessibility and student satisfaction.

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Providing students with more opportunities

Increase accessibility by providing students with more payment choices that meet their needs and improve satisfaction.
About 85% of students benefit from financial assistance while in school.
Some of our partners have increased their enrollment rates by over 10x since working with us.

Why Mia Share?

We built Mia Share because you and your students deserve better solutions than the traditional options. We are best in class at collaborating with tech and trade schools to help students afford a better future.


Tech & Support

Best in class technology supplemented with human servicing.

Guidance & Insights

Dedicated and knowledgable partnership team obsessed with results.

Elite Payment Processing

Full time, in-house student support team passionate about your success.

Proven Results for Everyone

Design multiple payment options to meet all of your students' needs.

What our Partners Have to Say

They have helped us increase our enrollment by over 30%. The Mia Share team is always on point, they truly care, go above and beyond, and are quickly becoming invaluable.

Tyler S.

School Owner

I have great trust that the processes in place for these accounts, will be handled effectively and efficiently. Since joining Mia Share, compliance is never on my radar. I have trust that I can focus my time on my tasks and that Mia Share’s system is working with me.

Jim M.

Campus Director

We have been able to increase our collections and decrease costs, and saved time using their platform. Their easy-to-use payment processing system has been a game-changer. Their support is on point and they are always instantly responsive.

Dustin M.

School Owner

I wish you came around in 2004, I have lost so much money trying to manage and collect payments myself.

Konni F.

School Owner

It allows us not to have to hire financial professionals. Now we have a company that can handle that for us and they just send us reports and ask for our decisions on certain accounts, but we don't have to make the phone calls. We don't have to send the reminders.

Daryl P.

School Owner

We would not be here without Mia Share, you guys make it so easy. Thank you for everything that you and your whole team does for us

Joe H.

School Owner