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Increasing education affordability with turnkey tuition solutions.

“Mia Share has really enabled us to offer our students a new and affordable tuition solution that has quickly gained popularity with the younger generation. They have helped us increase our enrollment by over 30%. The Mia Share team is always on point, they truly care, go above and beyond and are quickly becoming invaluable


- Tyler Sasse, Owner of Western Welding Academy


Good for Students

1. Increase affordability, increase enrollment 

2. Seamless experience

3. Repayments are in-line with income

4. Simple repayment path, no hidden fees

Good for Schools

1. Increase enrollment

2. Participate in student outcomes

3. Improve retention

4. Multi-year student success insights

How do Income Share Agreements work?

We help schools offer Tuition Installments and Income Share Agreements

Program Setup.png

Program Setup

We design your tuition program with efficient agreement terms

Program Management.png

Program Management

We handle student on-boarding, income verification, regulatory etc...

ISA Financing.png

ISA Financing

We can provide funding


Example ISA:

In exchange for a $10,000 ISA, a student agrees to pay 8.5% of their future earned income for a maximum of 30 months or 1.5x ISA amount


No ISA repayments until student earns $3.0K per month


Student shares 8.5% of earned income post graduation


Maximum months of repayment


Total repayments are capped at 1.5x ISA amount

We focus on education finance.

Our tools help schools and students maximize their potential

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