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Connecting students and schools to the future of fair education payments through income share agreements, payment plans and other custom payment solutions.


Income Share Agreements

Train for a new career with an ISA, and pay for your education only after you’ve landed a well-paying job. Your payments are based on an agreed upon fixed percentage of your post-graduation income for a set period of time. Your payments will go up and down with your income post-graduation.

There are no hidden fees and you never pay back more than your ISA cap.

Quick Application

Applying is easy and takes less than 10 minutes. Questions? Email, chat, text or call us anytime.

School Buy-in

We require our partner schools to receive some or all of your payments post graduation. Therefore schools are extra incentivized to help you succeed.

Payments in-line with Success

With an ISA, your payments post graduation are based on your income for a set period. Have confidence in your payments.

ISAs Decrease Education Risk.

We focus on fair education payments to help students maximize their potential while reducing the financial risks of education.
How do I apply for an ISA?
Anyone is eligible to apply for an ISA. Please contact a school representative to apply.
How do I pay for my ISA?
Your payments are calculated by applying the income share % to your weekly earned income. Every period you will go to the payment portal to report income, upload supporting documents, and make your payment. As default, once you report your income, your payments will be automatic each period.
What are the key terms of an ISA?
There are five key contract terms in an ISA:
1. Income Share:
The percentage of weekly/monthly income a student agrees to pay.

2. Payment Term :
The maximum number of weekly/monthly payments required to fulfill the ISA.

3. Minimum Income Threshold:
Your ISA payments pause when your weekly/monthly income is below the minimum income threshold.

4. Payment Window:
The maximum length of time over which you could make payments. If your ISA is in good standing, the obligation ends when the payment window is over even if you’ve paid less than the initial funding amount.

5. Payment Cap:
The maximum amount a student can be obligated to pay.
Will I be required to pursue a specific career?
No! There are no requirements for the type of employment you choose after graduation.
When do ISA payments start?
Payments begin once you are earning the minimum income threshold (or more) after you have completed your program. As a reminder, you must report your income whenever prompted by Mia Share regardless of your employment status and income level.
What is an Income Share Agreement (ISA)?
An ISA is a contractual agreement in which you receive funding for your education. In exchange, you agree to share a fixed percentage of your post–graduation income over a defined period of time.

Payment Plans

Mia Share also facilitates easy interest-free payment plans to cover a portion or all of your tuition. The number of required split payments depends on the program you apply for. Make your education affordable by splitting your payments.

How do I apply for a Payment Plan?
Anyone is eligible to apply for a Payment Plan. Please contact a school representative to apply.
Can I payoff my Payment Plan early?
Yes, you can pay the remainder of your Installment Amount at any time.
What is a Payment Plan?
A Payment Plan is a contractual agreement in which you pay your tuition over a set number of payments.
Is a Payment Plan a good option for me?
A Payment Plan is an interest-free version of a traditional loan. If you make all your payments on time you will pay less than a loan. A Payment Plan will help you manage your budget better by spreading out your tuition. Payment Plans tend to be shorter term than traditional loans so per period payments are usually larger.

Students Trust MiaShare

Steven, ISA Student
“You and your team are incredibly encouraging and your genuine care for your ISA partners is evident. You’ve made me feel comfortable and fully informed through every stage of the process. There have been no unwelcome surprises, only inquiries about how you can assist in my success and honest transparency.”
Trevor, ISA Student
“I chose the ISA because payments are flexible with my income and I’m debt free. My payments are based on my future income. This gives me confidence.”

Supporting schools to empower students.

We help schools offer innovative and affordable payment options to students.

Mia Share’s software and support allows schools to focus on education and placing students into high value, long lasting careers. Our solutions drive enrollment, student retention, satisfaction, and send a strong program strength signal.


We design your tuition program with efficient agreement terms


We handle student on-boarding, income verification, communication while giving you a fully transparent portal to watch and engage as you choose.


We facilitate all student payments and pass payments through to you. We also can provide upfront funding.
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