Time is Money: How Mia Share Helps You Save on Both

Time is Money: How Mia Share Helps You Save on Both

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression time is money. This is especially true when it comes to business. How much of your valuable time has been spent chasing students on questions and payments? It is likely more than you would like to admit. 

Mia Share is on a mission to help trade schools save on both with innovative tuition payment solutions. We are confident that our attentive customer success team and best-in-class technology will help you save time and lower cost. Let us highlight some of the keys ways we will help you achieve that:

No Minimums or Set-up Fees

As we know, set-up fees are a notable obstacle when looking for a new plan. We all dread doomed phone plans and gym memberships that feel like a cult you can’t get out of. At Mia Share, we ensure our partners are given the freedom they need by not requiring  a minimum number of students nor charging a set-up fee; most importantly,  we provide outstanding service for 70% less  than our competitors. With such a low-risk and quick on-boarding process, Mia Share helps you save money from the beginning of your journey with us.

Full-Time Customer Success Team

Mia Share provides representatives who guide students through questions and concerns they may have regarding tuition by maintaining regular communication. Students can book consultations with the student success team if they require specialized attention. This direct contact makes turnaround time shorter than ever and with higher consistency! 

Our student success team will take full care of student onboarding, payment reminders, income verification, and the collection process, ultimately minimizing overhead. Students will receive calls, texts, and emails as soon as a payment is due or if their account is past due. The student success team will provide extra communication to the students, building relationships and assuring that individual students are supported along the way. 

Online Dashboards

Online dashboards allow schools to evaluate information quickly to make data-driven decisions. This customized experience provides better data and reports at a glance, allowing for total visibility. 

Mia Share creates custom web portals for our partner schools, delivering a quick and easy single point of access. Upon logging in, schools receive a task list and a student activity summary on the dashboard homepage. This allows our partners to track progress, including total applications, total money earned, student payments, and invoice history, among many other features.  

Comprehensive communication doesn’t stop at students! Mia Share provides regular communication to schools when an actionable item needs to be completed. This allows our partners to stay up-to-date with news, without having to waste time constantly checking their dashboards. 

At Mia Share, our goal is to support schools to empower students. By providing resources that help reduce the amount of time spent on tasks like payment collections and report analysis, Mia Share allows schools to focus on what matters: the students. We go the extra mile to bring each of our partners a frictionless experience and their valuable time back, so grab it while you can!

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