The Importance of Centralized Data

The Importance of Centralized Data

The digital era has completely transformed the way companies do business. Every business in 2022 is becoming a technology business, including trade schools (and with good reason). According to the International Data Corporation, digitization has created a global market opportunity worth a staggering $20 trillion! 

With that kind of potential, every business needs to consider technology as their biggest asset to guarantee a competitive advantage. Regardless of the industry that you operate in, if you have data, then you need to jump on the opportunity to make more informed decisions about your business. At Mia Share, we offer to streamline existing business processes and reduce costs with a quick and easy setup. We’re set up in days, not weeks.

Financials in one Place

When data lives in multiple places and is decentralized, it is easy to lose track of your financial insights. A centralized dashboard, helps you organize all of your important financial information in a single place. Depending on the program your school offers, Mia Share also provides detailed reports on current payments as well as projections. 

Improved User Experience

E-commerce has created high expectations for businesses to deliver a quick and streamlined payment process. With our student portals, your students will receive a consistent experience with pre-saved payment info and recurring notifications on payments and tasks, along with full-time support from our Student Success Team. This leads to increased retention and ensures payments are made on time. 

Optimize Data Analytics

Data is one of the most important assets to collect in the digital era. When used effectively, it helps businesses perform better, boost satisfaction, and drive revenue. When data is decentralized, it becomes difficult to analyze them effectively since data becomes easily overlooked or they don’t seem to relate to one another. 

Having centralized data allows for transparency, smarter decision-making, and improved consistency throughout the business. At Mia Share, not only do our reports offer insights for you, but it also allows us to review and revise our terms to make them the most efficient and beneficial for your team. 

Save Time & Money

At Mia Share, we are continuously working on creating new reports to provide you with the latest information and analytics, and the added benefits of reduced reporting times. This simple and visible format saves your team time that can be focused on achieving the business’ bigger goals. 

Mia Share also saves you money by decreasing the number of platforms needed to collect payments and communicate with students. Data centralization also leads to more meaningful reporting and increases your return on revenue. 

Going forward in 2022, it is critical for businesses to centralize data and access which processes are streamlined and working efficiently and which methods aren’t. This allows you and your team to look at the bigger picture more easily. Mia Share helps you optimize data analytics, improve your user experience, save you time, and reduce your costs. Reach out to find out how you can partner with Mia Share today! 

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