Technical Schools' Newest Weapon: Zero Interest Payment Plans

Technical Schools' Newest Weapon: Zero Interest Payment Plans

Dreaming of a 0% interest payment plan for your students? With Mia Share we can make it a reality! Having a simple payment plan option for your students at enrollment will be a gamechanger for your school. Here’s why:

Minimum Overhead for Partner Schools

At Mia Share, we aim to support our partners so they can empower their students. We want to ensure a seamless experience; from onboarding to collections, we set up and manage your payment plan program. We can have the program up and running in days, not weeks. Mia Share can take the burden of collections and income verification of your team’s plate. If students miss a payment or a credit card declines- we are on it! 

The student success team at Mia Share communicates with students and actively provide support to ensure student success. With over 100 dynamic notifications, students and schools are informed every step of the way. This level of transparency nurtures a trusting relationship with our school partners and students. 

Customizable Terms That Work for You

Mia Share will work hand in hand with your team to create a custom program that benefits both the student AND the school.

Your dashboard will provide data driven analytics and custom reports. You can export monthly or weekly KPI reports containing information about applications submitted, total amount of payments made, number of students submitting payments during this period, and much more.

All of these features are included with our partnership. There are no application fees or other hidden charges, as a matter of fact; there are no upfront costs or minimums! 

Increase in Applicant Pool

Not every student is capable of paying an upfront lump sum for tuition. 38% of school dropouts said they left due to financial pressure according to a study held by EducationData. When schools provide prospective students with more options, they feel empowered to take the next step. With no credit check required and a 100% acceptance rate, students are incentivized to apply.

With the stress of financing off their shoulders, they’re able to focus on what truly matters- education. This effect will lead to an increase in the applicant pool and also improve retention rates.

If you’ve been on the fence about other tuition solutions, then consider partnering with Mia Share to offer Payment Plans at your school. Say goodbye to the long and strenuous process of tuition management and customer service, and focus on empowering your students to receive the best education possible!

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