Mia Share's #1 Value: Students Always Come First

Mia Share's #1 Value: Students Always Come First

We started Mia Share to help more students have affordable and flexible payment options. That’s why our number one value at Mia Share is: that students always come first. 

We are only successful if students are. Our objective is to guarantee students feel educated and supported throughout their journey. From application to job placement, our team places students at the forefront of everything we do. Here’s what Mia Share offers to ensure every student feels set up for success:

Investment in Student’s Education

Enrollment and applicant challenges are a thing of the past. Our innovative payment solutions align with student and school needs and promote higher applicant rates. The program and terms are customized for each school to ensure they are beneficial for everyone involved. 

Our programs allow students to study while deferring payments until graduation or pay smaller portions of their tuition, removing financial barriers that usually make education unattainable. It removes obstacles and provides the opportunity for everyone to have a fair chance at valuable education.

Increase in Student Success

Our programs not only encourage and increase enrollment but also help manage retention and completion as well. According to the US Statistics and Data, 51% of dropouts are due to money, and 79% of students delay their graduations due to financial difficulties.

Your students don’t have to worry about covering the entire cost of their education before they start learning, empowering them to focus on what’s truly important: their education. Student-School alignment benefits both student and school needs; you receive payments when students make payments. 

Optimization through Career Resources

Mia Share aims to guide every student through their journey to ensure success. Our Student Success Team is a group of dedicated individuals, available to you and your students, and is always just a phone call or email away.

 Not only are they notifying students of upcoming or missed payments, but they are also helping answer general questions, and providing individual support so no student falls behind. 

Mia Share also has specialized reps that help students with resources to succeed in the job market, through our career advisor. We provide additional tools like resume builders, job searches, and other career-specific resources to help students kickstart their careers!

Call Mia Share today to show your dedication to your students’ journey and unlock all the benefits of Mia Share that Mia Share can provide, like increased enrollment, full-time support, and career resources. We are focused on high-value education. Together we can help more people improve their lives!

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