Sneak Peek at Partnerships with Mia Share

Sneak Peek at Partnerships with Mia Share

At Mia Share, we are dedicated to connecting students and schools to the future of tuition solutions. With innovative programs like income share agreements, payment plans, smart invoicing, and hybrids, we have a program to help your students and take the work off your plate!

Partnering with Mia Share provides more benefits than just innovative tuition solutions. Aside from our payment options, we offer full-time management, centralized data, and student support to ensure the easiest transition for our partners. 

Take a sneak peek at what a partnership with Mia Share may look like for you:

Quick & Seamless Integration

We do not require a setup fee or a minimum amount of students, so we’re set up in days, not weeks. Once the terms are discussed and finalized, we will handle everything from onboarding to payment processing and collections. 

Our Partner Success team provides an open channel of communication so our partners are heard and their needs are met. Through collaboration, our partners have helped us develop a more efficient process and it is continuously improving. If you are looking for a new report, feature, or integration you have the available channels to provide feedback and suggestions.

Data-Driven Insights

we aim for student-school alignment. In fact, We have a dedicated team that will analyze your data and will meet with you weekly, bi weekly. Monthly OR quarterly quarterly to debrief and provide you with program guidance. You can collaborate on terms and options to build your perfect program, and customize it to your requirements. 

Student Support

Mia Share provides a Student Success Team that supports students throughout their journey and assists partners with the overhead. Our programs come with auxiliary benefits such as student communication and reminders, career services, and financial hardship assistance. 

We’ve also developed a feature to redirect students that have been denied for their selected program to other available plans. Students receive the opportunity of valuable education and our partners see an increase in originations and revenue, it’s a win-win!!

We work tirelessly to provide our partners with more than just tuition solutions. We aim to help you increase enrollment and revenue through genuine collaboration. We wish to provide the most seamless and personalized experience with our partners. Reach out to Jacob at (307) 886 -2821 or email at to start building your program with Mia Share today!

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