Say Sayonara to Set Up Fees & Minimums

Say Sayonara to Set Up Fees & Minimums

At Mia Share, we understand that setup fees and minimums are one of the biggest barriers for schools seeking new financing options, so we make sure to eliminate these barriers from the get-go. With Mia Share, say sayonara to upfront costs! 

What sets us apart.
Mia Share empowers partner schools to focus on what matters. We handle program setup, communication, and collections. In addition to our best-in-class income verification and student dashboards, we can create custom data reports for our school partners. You will have access to our team to ensure your team is as efficient and effective as possible. Think of Mia Share as your internal payment support team. We’re here to serve you and support your students. 

"By partnering with Mia Share, we have been able to increase our collections and decrease costs, not to mention the precious time we have saved using their platform and team. Their easy-to-use payment processing system has been a game-changer for my school. Their school and student support is on point and are always instantly responsive." - Dustin (School owner)

No need for fees or minimums.
Let’s start with the basics - a setup fee is an initial fee that is charged by an organization to use its services. As we mentioned, these fees often stand as a notable obstacle for schools that wish to offer additional financing options.  

Setting up an ISA program (to boost enrollment!) can be a new experience for a school, so we don’t feel the need to charge our partners. Once schools see the simplicity of setup and the benefits of an ISA program (did we mention boosting enrollment?), we feel the value will come. 

The benefits speak for themselves. 

At Mia Share, we’re focused on providing human support and transparency for our partner schools. 

  • We set up programs through our partners’ personalized portals and keep close tabs on the progress of their students. 
  • We design each tuition program with efficient agreement terms and determine how income-based financing can increase student access, retention, and completion. 
  • We handle student onboarding and income verification, so our schools can focus on educating students rather than their payments.
  • There is also no minimum to the number of students a school provides Mia Share. If a school sends us one student, we are happy to service that one student. 

Student success is priority 1. 

We ensure student satisfaction and ultimately, success. At Mia Share, we provide constant communications, support, and resources to assure high success rates for students. Leveraging institutional data, we project students’ outcomes and define ISA terms that are beneficial to students. Our ISA repayment calculator allows students to estimate their monthly payments and terms, so students (and schools) can take the guesswork out of their repayment cycles.

The grace period on repayment provides peace of mind to students while they are pursuing their educational goals. A recent study by Scholarship America showed that 32% of students reported financial stress from the money owed, which caused them to drop out. 

We want to keep students in classrooms (in-person or virtual) to achieve their career goals, so our aim is to eliminate the financial stress that often comes from the burden of traditional loans while also helping our partners easily manage financing options. With Mia Share, say sayonara to the stress and hello to student and school success! 

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