How to Leverage your Trade School to Land a job

How to Leverage your Trade School to Land a job

So you’ve got a couple of weeks to complete your program at trade school and graduation is right around the corner. Trade schools are job-specific, so you’ve gained knowledge and experience in your industry and are looking for a valuable position. How do you get started?

Your next step should be to leverage your network to land you a job. It’s essential to tap into all of your resources when in the market for a job. Use your school, community, and Mia Share to guarantee a job after graduation!

1. School’s Career Services Department

To start off, your school likely has a career services department that can help put you on the path to success. If you are in need of guidance, ask an administrator to give you more information on what your school offers. Most career services teams provide resume development, job search tips, mock interviews, and more. They also provide a current list of open positions with local businesses and job placement services. 

2. Local Community

Job searching can be difficult, but reaching out to those in your community or personal network can increase your chances of getting that position. As mentioned, your school can provide you with open positions with local businesses. Take it a step further and reach out to the business owner, or stop by; meeting them and introducing yourself personally can make all the difference. Your friends and family are also resources! It’s crucial to dig into your network and leverage your connections. 

3. Mia Share Career Resources

At Mia Share, when you sign up to be in one of our programs, you gain access to our career resources hub. Our student success team offers one-on-one meetings with our career advisors, resume templates and critiques, current openings in the market, and more. Our number one priority at Mia Share is that the student always comes first, and we do our best to strive for student success. If you are already enrolled in one of our programs, reach out to a student success representative and they will provide you with more information!

You can start earning right out of trade school. You will have all the hands-on training and skills needed when you enter the job market. You have all of the resources at your disposal to achieve success. And remember, tap into your contacts at your school, local community, or your team at Mia Share!

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