How to Leverage Linkedin to Land you a job

How to Leverage Linkedin to Land you a job

LinkedIn is the social platform for recruiting and job-seeking individuals. If you are in the market for a new job or looking to expand opportunities, a LinkedIn profile is crucial. Like every other social media platform, the same profile principles apply: add a recent photo, update your information, and create a strong “about” section. LinkedIn promotes a network-building platform that allows you to engage with your professional connections. 

To optimize your job search, you must maximize your profile and create connections within your industry. Here are 5 ways to leverage LinkedIn to land you a job:

1. Keep your profile up to date

Your photo, name, and headline are the first thing recruiters see when they land on your profile. LinkedIn claims that users with profile pictures are 14 times more likely to have views in comparison to those who don’t. Your headline should highlight what you do and what you are looking for. Some examples of eye-catching headlines would be: “Full-stack developer working at ExamplePR” or “Quality-focused welder with 3+ years of experience with industrial machinery”.

 2. Highlight current skills and recent experience 

LinkedIn’s platform is massive and only continues to grow, with 133 million users in the US alone. With that much competition, it’s important to regularly update your profile, whether you are looking for a job or not. You will need to research industry standards and job requirements to make your profile stand out. Highlight as many skills that reflect your previous work experience or educational background.

3. Let people know you’re available

If you’re actively looking for a job, let it be known through your profile. Change your headline to announce availability or add a tag to your profile picture. This will alert recruiters that you are a potential candidate.  

4. Research and follow companies you are interested in

When job searching, LinkedIn makes it simple to find company profiles and follow them. You can also see if there are any employees within their company that you can connect with. These steps will help you remain updated with company news and get on the radar of professional recruiters. If you already have an interview booked, this would be particularly helpful to learn more about the company and its background.

5. Build your network to the 1st degree

You can easily grow your LinkedIn connections, exponentially increasing your exposure and links to other connections. Build your initial connections through your alumni network from high school or college, or join professional groups and create connections with like-minded professionals. You can also import your contact lists from Gmail or Outlook. 


To recruiters, the most important aspect of a profile is its “authenticity”. It’s important to represent who you are and be yourself, truly. LinkedIn is not meant to be another extension of your resume, but to represent your skills, experiences, and goals within a professional context. Once you’ve updated your profile, shown availability, and increased your connections, review your profile for genuine and authentic representation. Final step, put yourself out there and start applying for jobs. Your hard work will land you that dream job!


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