Career Exploration: Is Trade School Right for you?

Career Exploration: Is Trade School Right for you?

Are you looking to start a new career path? Or are you looking into furthering your education? If so, you should consider trade schools as an alternative to a traditional college degree. At trade schools, courses are built to teach real-life workforce skills through hands-on experience. You will not only help build the skillset to begin your career but also help create a personal network of individuals experienced in the field. 

Now, you may be thinking that there are a limited amount of trade industries, yet you would be surprised at the array of industries trade schools cover. You can find trade schools focusing in computer science, electrician, nursing, welding, and more. Let’s look at the top 5 trade school industries and learn more about the earning potential of each certification. 


Modern society runs on computer programming. It is one of the most important aspects of modern technology. From desktop software to mobile apps to video games, computer science has its hands in many businesses. As a result, coders are in high demand. Regardless of a coder’s experience level or specialization, it has much growth potential as a career path. 

  • Full-Stack Developer ($74,958-$114,183)
  • Product Manager ($96,445-$113,966)
  • UI/UX Designer ($97,498-$118,848)


Aviation as a career encompasses more than flying airplanes; consider the mechanics and those monitoring flight patterns. Aircrafts need to be safe to fly in the air, making it someone’s job to inspect and guide aircraft safely.

  • Air Traffic Controller ($81,880-$129,750)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Manager ($102,071-$133,310)
  • Commercial Pilot ($93,300-$160,970)


Construction jobs boast great benefits including job security, high economic demand, and huge career growth opportunities. With a constant need for construction projects, we will see a 10% rise in employment within the industry over the next ten years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The benefits, pay, and low barrier to entry makes jobs in the construction industry lucrative. 

  • Construction Managers ($102,047-$134,837)
  • Elevator Installer ($97,860-$130,940)
  • Electrician ($52,636-$68,811)

Allied Health

Allied health isn’t just one form of profession. This industry gears around assisting doctors, nurse practitioners, and other licensed medical professionals that provide treatment to patients. The healthcare industry is valued at $8.45 trillion and will continue to increase over time. With high job security and potential for growth, allied health is worth including on your list.

  • Ultrasound Technician ($76,165-$92,236)
  • Dental Hygienist ($68,186-$89,286)
  • Pharmacy Assistant ($95,330-$101,671)


Welding is a career not often included in this list, but it holds many potential career paths you can choose. Welding offers beneficial career advantages for those who like working with their hands and contributing their skills to the tangible creation of a building, project, or structure. Welding careers provide a competitive wage, career stability, and significant benefits. 

  • Rig Welder ($77,160-$90,957)
  • Underwater Welder ($63,990-$106,500)
  • Boilermaker ($64,290-$100,240)

In recent years, employers have found that skilled trade jobs are among the hardest to fill. Across the US, we are noticing a shortage of qualified tradespeople, as many older workers from earlier generations continue to retire. This shortage leaves an enormous opportunity gap for those looking to start a new career in the trade industry. Many growing industries are actively recruiting the next generation of tradesmen and women. Mia Share wants to help bridge the gap toward educating them. High-tech manufacturing, construction, and welding are just a few examples. The market for people with these skills is projected to be very large for decades to come, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to start your new career today!

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