How Mia Share Created Opportunity Mid-Pandemic

How Mia Share Created Opportunity Mid-Pandemic

What was life like prior to trade school?

So, I had my own cleaning business. Which I still have, but now there are actually two now. But I wanted to try something different. I found a school I liked, so I decided to go to school to get my dental assistant certificate. It was a great experience. Nowadays, I work as a dental assistant, and when on my free days, I book one or two houses for cleaning. 

How did you get started at Boston Career Institute?

When COVID came, everything shut down. My business started slowing down significantly, and the time spent at home felt difficult due to the finances. I have two kids and my husband, who was working, thankfully. But the virus made it hard to work on my own business. I started looking up schools in my area that offered assistance and found Boston Career Institute. Mia Share helped us a lot at the time because through the Income Share Agreement, I didn’t have to pay until once I was in a clinic. It was a huge blessing at the time.

How has it been working as a dental assistant?

The field is a great one. I always found it very interesting. Every day you learn something new and there are always advances in technology, so you’re always learning. I work with my daughter, who actually went to school with me. When I joined, she had just dropped out of college after she figured it wasn’t the right path for her. I advised her to try out this dental assisting program because knowledge is never wasted. Now she works at the front desk with insurance and thinking about going back to college for dentistry. Things happen the way they do for a reason.

Do you have any advice for people thinking about going to trade school?

I would say never to give up because dreams do come true. I am 42. Age is but a number, it does not matter. You can make your own plans. For example, I didn’t know when I moved to the States that I would be working in anything other than cleaning. Now I feel like I have a whole career ahead of me. Challenge yourself and never give up. 

Any last thoughts you would like to share?

Yes, it would be to say: thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow and pursue a new dream of mine. For those that have dreams and think it is difficult, it is. But there are those like the team at Mia Share that open doors for people. Keep working to be better and don’t let the bad experiences weigh you down.

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