Looking to Expand Your Applicant Pool?

Looking to Expand Your Applicant Pool?

In higher education, enrollment is a competitive field as the demand for higher education and trade jobs steadily increases. To ensure your school is at the top of its game, partner with Mia Share. We can provide financial assistance and remove obstacles to increase enrollment and ultimately, student success. 

Financial Assistance

Providing students with additional financing options that are affordable and flexible increases the number of interested, eligible students. The more options students have to choose from, the higher the likelihood that a student will align financially with one of the programs. For example, Income Share Agreements typically show a 25% increase in enrollment at our partner schools.

Removing Obstacles

Average credit scores tend to change based on age, state, and income. The amount of debt that is incurred by a student is typically a direct reflection of the socioeconomic status and education level of the student’s parents. By providing affordable, flexible tuition options that meet students where they are, you increase the pool of applicants to a variety of students who would not have been able to financially pursue higher education.

At Mia Share, we understand that credit scores and lack of fair funding can be limiting. We provide options such as Payment Plans and Hybrid Structures that are both interest-free and have a 100% approval rate. These programs have seen some of our highest adoption rates due to the flexibility they provide both schools and students!

Minimize Financial Burden

Pursuing higher education can be stressful, and  burden is often students’ biggest concern. As noted by a study held at East Carolina University, financial issues account for over 70 percent of perceived stress in students. Paying for college is daunting no matter the economy, and with. Mia Share’s tuition options, we can help students pay a portion of their course for a set amount of time or even postpone payments until after graduation!

Finding a job can also be a stressful, time-consuming endeavor, especially with the weight of potential student loans looming over their heads. In addition to removing the stress of traditional student loans, Mia Share also supports students in securing a job, With the help of our career advisors, we offer multiple resources related to career selection, and resume building As an added bonus to all our tuition options, Mia Share also provides career resources. We help students through career selection, resume building, and more with the help of our career advisors.

Enrollment Growth Solutions

Our newest partnership with Enroll ML is the cherry on top for anyone looking to increase their applicant pool. Enroll ML uses artificial intelligence to direct counselors to the highest value inquiries and applicant activities. Their smart forecasting takes the guesswork out of representative forecasting. Instead, leads are driven by Enroll ML’s statistics engine, not the “hope” for positive enrollment. They even help you admit borderline students by getting them enrolled with their alerts!

Mia Share has several programs and tools that will help grow your applicant pool. We provide multiple tuition repayment options, reduce financial burden, and eliminate obstacles presented to students. You can learn more about our custom payment solutions and best-in-class technology by visiting Mia Share. We always go the extra mile to make sure we build the perfect options for you!

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