Customization & Flexibility in Tuition Programs

Customization & Flexibility in Tuition Programs

Through our partnerships with trade and technical schools in varying industries, we have concluded that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for tuition. Most school representatives will want to be presented with multiple programs and students like to have options. So how does Mia Share give you the flexibility necessary to gain more control over your payments and provide students with accessible education? 

At Mia Share, we aim for student-school alignment. We work with your team to provide customizable programs to meet your needs and a dashboard for centralized data. We also offer a full-time support team that is available to make your integration with Mia Share seamless.

Customizable Programs

Tuition at trade schools varies depending on the industry and tools needed. We offer programs that offer a range of benefits. For example, Mia Share offers a fully customizable payment plan. The school sets the repayment term and minimum deposit amount. If a student would like to put down more of a deposit to have lower monthly payments- we can make that happen. If the student would like to pay more in a given period, we will adjust the remaining balance due. We can customize on a per-student basis meaning you should never lose another student due to rigid payment plan terms.  

Other programs like Single Invoicing allow you to invoice students for books, tuition, and housing. The in-dashboard feature allows you to dictate the invoice amount and due date at the click of a button! Our system gives you the flexibility to be creative and solve payment solutions for students. 

Technological Freedom

Data analytics is essential to business growth. To make informed decisions, it’s important to review the numbers and recognize patterns. With Mia Share, you will have access to data reports and automated analysis of student payments and growth projections in one centralized location. We also present you with the option to alter the terms of the program once we have been fully integrated. If there is a report you’d like to see, let us know and we will build it into your dashboard.

Our technology grants students a seamless and consistent experience. We offer students multiple payment options including Google and Apple Pay to make the payment process simple and efficient. Last year, digital wallet payments accounted for 29.3% of all e-commerce payments in North America. These pre-saved methods are known to be more secure and hold a higher likelihood of payment. 

Who knows your institution better than you and your team? We can meet and discuss your tuition needs and collaborate openly on a solution that is designed for you. Through our flexible tuition solutions and state-of-the-art technology, Mia Share grants you more control over your payments. Reach out to us or book a meeting to learn more about our programs!

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