Build Your Tuition Program Options With Mia Share!

Build Your Tuition Program Options With Mia Share!

Fifty-seven years ago, financial assistance programs were authorized under the Higher Education Act of 1965, which provided grants, work-study, and loan funds to students attending college or trade schools. Fast-forward to 2022, Mia Share has revolutionized the tuition assistance game. With best-in-class technology and innovative turnkey payment solutions, we provide trade schools like yours with seamless tuition support.

At Mia Share, we see value in expanding the solutions we provide for our schools and students. We work with our partners to build a deal that works for you! 

Here’s how Mia Share can help build a tuition program at a school like yours:

Choose the Right Program
Through our specialized software and human support, we facilitate custom Single Payments, Income Share Agreements (ISAs), Payment Plans, and Hybrid structures. These programs vary in repayment time and amount, but we give you the flexibility to customize the terms of these programs to fit your needs.

Seamless Integration
We are focused on efficiency, human support, and proving through doing. At Mia Share, we not only help you build a program from scratch, but we will also implement and manage the tuition program for you!

We’ll work with you to design your custom tuition program that is tailored to your school’s needs. We can handle program management from on-boarding to payment collection and help secure funding for schools. We also provide career assistance to ensure student success, as well as on-demand human support for students and schools. All of this is risk-free, with no setup cost and no commitments!

Valuable Analytics
As our partner, you’re provided with a personalized dashboard that includes at-a-glance metrics of student applications, invoices, and other features. This personalized dashboard centralizes all your data in one place, making everything easy to find!

We create custom reports, provide all payment receipts and even have a new projection tool in place to help keep you organized. 

At Mia Share, we truly care about our partners and students. We provide complete transparency to ensure we operate in trust with our partners and their students. Through custom tuition solutions with seamless integration paired with our transparency and collaboration, Mia Share is the right choice for you! Call us today to provide a free proposal!  

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