4 Benefits of Payment Plans for Trade Schools

4 Benefits of Payment Plans for Trade Schools

Since the beginning of COVID, we have seen a shift toward high school students pursuing career training and direct job placements to start their careers immediately. There is a vast opportunity gap for trade and technical schools to push their programs and the earning potentials of their industry. 

Tuition price continues to be the biggest obstacle when it comes to students applying for higher education. According to a survey by OneClass, 56% of high school students say they can no longer afford a 4-year education. 

A great option for these students is to split their tuition costs into smaller, more manageable installments, in the form of a Payment Plan. This payment option will not only help schools increase enrollment, but they will also see increased student satisfaction. Here are  4 reasons to start offering payment plans at your school with Mia Share:

Decreasing Costs & Increasing Revenue

Mia Share does not charge setup fees and we do not require a minimum number of students. On average,  businesses see a 27% increase in sales when they let customers pay in installments. We will make an immediate impact by increasing revenues through enrollment and higher collection rates. We will also decrease costs, saving you time and money!

More Control & Better Organization

Our Payment Plan program is completely flexible and customizable. We collaborate on program terms and provide advice on changes based on data-driven insights. 

You will have access to data and analytics at a glance. You can view student payments, progress, and key reports so you can focus on payment decisions rather than doing the mundane collection work.

Student Satisfaction & Loyalty

Ultimately, the main goal of trade schools is to educate the next generation of trade workers to help build our country. Mia Share wants to bridge the gap to more accessible education. 

Not only would Payment Plans attract applicants, but they will also help increase retention. Students are able to focus on their education and not worry about the financial burden of tuition. Higher retention rates then lead to greater loyalty and promotability of your school. 

Mia Share Exclusive Benefits

Our programs come with additional ancillary benefits and support. Our full-time Student Success Team will make sure students feel guided and supported throughout their educational journey. With over 100 dynamic notifications and a dedicated team, we promote higher compliance rates for trade schools.

We also assist with job placement to ensure overall student success. Career support for students, general advice, and networking are just some exciting ways schools increase value. 

Not all financial situations are the same so we want to even out the playing field. With Payment Plans, both schools and students win! Increase revenue, gain greater control over your data, and increase student satisfaction with Payment Plans today. Contact Jacob at (307) 886 -2821 to start building your program with Mia Share today!

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