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Here are some more specific tips about finding a job in welding:

Know where to look!

It can be hard to browse online for welding jobs because they get bundled with so many other industries.  All of these searches can contain welding jobs: "skilled trades", "construction", "manufacturing", "general labor", "repair and maintenance", or "industrial technology".  If you’re having trouble with one term on a specific job board, try another one.


Try to pick up experience anywhere you can.

It can seem impossible to get a welding job because so many jobs require experience before they hire, making it difficult to get hired to gain that experience in the first place. If you are able to pick up experience at a job you don’t love, that experience can help you get hired at your target job.

Use welding-specific keywords in your resumé.

Here are some examples: Blueprint reading, ASME certified (if you hold this certification), solid state, stick, cutting torches, and Arc/TIG/MIG (As long as you have training in these types of welding). Resume scanners can be looking for these specific words so throw in any of the qualifications you meet in the skills section of your resumé.

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