We're Hiring: Senior Laravel Developer

How to Apply: Send an email with a cover letter and resume to derrick@mia-share.com

The Role

We are a fast-growing, well-funded startup looking for a highly motivated individual to help us expand our first-in-class income share agreement (ISA) servicing platform, build completely new tech to help our school partners grow and help our students and grads succeed. You must be self-motivated, set high goals and over-deliver in half the scheduled time. We are a fully remote team, so self motivation and extreme communication skills are essential. Expect a highly-talented, driven, intense and bold team. We are looking for someone excited by our mission.

Mia Share’s Mission

Mission Statement: Supporting schools to empower students.

At Mia Share, we build, manage, and fund custom tuition solutions for high-quality trade and technical schools that prioritize student outcomes. Through our specialized software and human support, we facilitate custom Income Share Agreements (ISAs), Payment Plans and Hybrid structures. We give more students the ability to pursue affordable, valuable education while helping our partner schools improve enrollment, retention, and outcomes.

Our solutions

Lenders, borrowers and servicers can all be aligned through income-based repayments. We identify and partner with high quality trade schools to offer income share agreements (ISAs) and installment payment plans to prospective students. Annually, 15M+ students attend trade schools. Enrollment for trade schools is growing at over 7% per year. Our existing partner schools have a Mia Share adoption rate of 10-70%.

We offer a complete solution; 1) structure programs (setting terms, underwriting criteria etc.), 2) servicing (accept/decline students, onboard students, payment processing, income verification, collections, etc.), 3) optional funding (providing capital to our partner schools).

Our in-house platform is web based and is core to what we are trying to achieve. By building the tools in-house, we give ourselves flexibility, the ability to improve terms to students and partner schools, and scalability.

What will it be like?

Our culture is one of hard but focused work. You will be employee number 8, and will play an instrumental role in expanding and building our technology portfolio, the backbone of our ISA originating and servicing operation. While there will frequently be a defined set of tasks and projects for this position, your ideas, innovations, and creativity will be vital in developing the future state of the art ISA tech. Currently the team is Josh, Derrick, Molly, Jacob, Kayla, Jason, Joiya, and our advisor Jeff.

Location: Fully Remote.


Your skills:

Who you are:

Benefits: Bonuses. Flexible vacation, work schedule, and work from home. Health insurance reimbursement.

Culture: This is going to be awesome! We want you to feel fulfilled and happy with what we achieve. We are a transparent and open culture where we listen to all ideas across all our business areas. We will reach our goals faster if we work together.