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Our Payment Options

Income Share Agreements
Increase enrollment, retention and student satisfaction with our innovative income based payment solutions. We bring together everything that is required to build, manage and fund a successful and student friendly ISA program. Grow your enrollment with our custom & flexible solutions while having access to transparent and insightful data and reporting.
Payment Plans
We can build and manage a new payment plan program for you, or simply take-over your existing in house program. Our software and human support reduces operational duties so you and your team can focus on running your school. Students that were going to use a loan or an ISA might rather pay a 0% short term payment plan. Not only will you increase enrollment, payments, student satisfaction and organization with Mia Share, but you will also reduce your payment processing costs.
Other Payment Options
Contact us to learn more about our other innovative payment options. We are pioneering income based payment plans and hybrid structures to make sure more students have student friendly payment solutions to attend your program. We have also developed an invoicing system for you to charge students single payments. Keep all your payments organized while reducing your payment processing costs.

Your Seamless Tuition Solution

We apply our expertise and focus to build best-in-class technology. We go the extra mile to bring you and your team a frictionless experience and advanced insights. From the first day of onboarding we give you the tools and full time support to create payment solutions that fit for you and your students. We take care of payments so you can remained focused on education.

✓  Best-in-class and in-house technology

✓  Custom web portal for you, your team and your students

✓  Receive better data and report insights

✓  Reduce your payment processing costs

Customized ISA Programs

We create and manage innovative ISA programs so you can remain focused on education. A Mia Share ISA program will increase enrollment, student retention, your participation in student outcomes and will send your students a strong value signal. From program design, to hands on servicing we are an aligned partner from the start.

Enrollment & Retention
ISAs reduce the financial risk of pursuing education and aligns incentives. We’ve increased enrollment by avg. 30%+, and for one school 4x. Providing students with extra options that are affordable and flexible increases the # of interested and eligible students. Because the amount a student pays post-graduation is based on their income, and because student payments are suspended when earning less than the Income Floor, students are more able to pursue education and develop their skills. Student payments mostly begin after graduation and so the financial burden in course is reduced leading to much higher retention rates.
Expand applicant pool
Our ISAs drive inquiries, and we funnel interested students to our partner schools. Students are interested in schools that offer ISAs as it proves course value.
Signalling Benefits
Another benefit of the ISA is that it provides a market signal to the potential student as to the value of pursuing your program. Schools always have skin in the game with Mia Share ISAs so students know their course will be valuable as their payments depend on their income post-graduation.

No Upfront Cost or Minimums

We like to prove our value through doing. There are no costs or minimum fees when you partner with us. All we charge is payment processing. That’s it.

Student Job Support

We all succeed when students succeed. We’ve built tools that help students with resources to be successful in the job market. We provide individual support too.

24/7 Human Support

Our commitment to you is to go above and beyond. View us as your in-house team. For both students and schools, we run the extra mile to ensure success.

Turnkey Payment Solutions

Mia Share also offers other easy payment solutions. We are pioneering income based payment plans, student friendly 0% interest payment plans, hybrid structures and single payments. We get excited about increasing access to high value education through smart and low cost payment solutions.

Your students don’t have to worry about covering the entire cost of their education before they start learning, helping you to increase enrollment and student satisfaction.

Program Management
We handle all the details. From the initial application to payment collection and student communication, we want to be a reason your students are happy. Our software and human support reduces operational duties so you and your team can focus on running your school.
Full or Gap Options
We know every student has a unique financial situation. You and your team can use our platform to customize payment options per student. If a student only needs 10% covered by a Mia Share option we can still help!
Convert More Students
We can create a solution for every student. For example, by using our custom payment plans more students will choose payment plans over loans. This will will likely result in you receiving more total payments by graduation per student. Not only do we increase your revenue but we are determined to decrease your payment processing costs.
Why Schools Choose MiaShare
Tyler, School Owner
Tyler, School Owner“Mia Share has really enabled us to offer our students a new and affordable tuition solution that has quickly gained popularity with the younger generation. They have helped us increase our enrollment by over 30%.

The Mia Share team is always on point, they truly care, go above and beyond and are quickly becoming invaluable
Dustin, School Owner
“By partnering with Mia Share, we have been able to increase our collections and decrease costs, not to mention the precious time we have saved using their platform and team. Their easy to use payment processing system has been a game-changer for my programs. Their support is on point and are always instantly responsive.”

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