Income Share Agreement solutions for schools & students 

We invest in ISA programs

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Structure, manage & finance your ISA program


Increased Enrollment

ISAs make education more accessible


We design your ISA program with efficient agreement terms & fast student on-boarding



We make sure your ISA program is serviced effectively



Backed by $1M+ to quickly finance ISAs



We stay up to date with changing regulations


ISAs enable students to increase their human capital with reduced risk

Pay when you get a job
ISAs allow students to go to school and pay for it if they land a job

If the students land jobs paying $20k+ within the ~3 year contract period they pay ~15% of their income. Students never pay more then the predetermined cap of ~2.0x

Pre-determined agreement, no additional fees. Mia Share takes care of everything




Example ISA:   Student pays 7.80% of their annual earned income, Max repayment: 30 months or 2x investment, Annual Income Floor: $12K

Reduce Students' risk of pursuing educat
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