Our Tips For Finding Coding Jobs

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You don't need three monitors to find your dream coding job.

We have some tips for finding that ideal coding job:


1. Have a portfolio of your projects.


In addition to a resumé, include any projects you have worked on that demonstrate your coding proficiency to an employer. Given that a lot of people can have the same skills on a resumé, this is a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. You can host these projects on a personal website and link to it on your resumé


2. Use your free time to continue to hone your skills.


Whether it’s working on a side project or writing coding-related blogs on your LinkedIn account, try to take the time to promote yourself through many different avenues. These will show employers how dedicated you are as well as display your skills in coding.   


3. Prepare yourself for “whiteboard” interviews.


Many employers will question you to test your coding skills, so try to look at a sample interview problem a week so that you can excel when given a similar question by your interviewer. This will ensure that you appear both smart and well-prepared at any given interview, as well as continue to practice your coding skills.

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