Top 4 Benefits of Income Share Agreements

Top 4 Benefits of Income Share Agreements

Let us start with the basics: what is an Income Share Agreement? An income Share Agreement, or ISA, is a contractual agreement to receive funding for education. In exchange, the student agrees to share a fixed percentage of their post-graduation income over a defined period of time. The purpose of an ISA is to ensure students can always afford their education and properly align student and school objectives. 

Tuition price is always the greatest obstacles when it comes to students enrolling in higher education. Forty-three million borrowers across the country have student loan debt. Mia Share aims to provide students with accessible and valuable education. We offer different tuition solutions depending on the school's preference, but one of our more popular options is Income Share Agreements. 

With Income Share Agreements as their tuition solution, students will feel supported by their school. When students succeed, our partners succeed. Through school investment, trade schools can ensure students receive the best education and job placement, post-graduation. 

ISAs are just as beneficial to schools as they are to students. Here are just some ways your trade school can benefit from ISAs.

No Fees or Minimums

Unlike most businesses, we do not require a minimum number of students or a fixed principle. We also help reduce your processing costs and the amount of overhead for your team, consider us your new in-house team!

Increase applications and retention

ISAs drive applications by opening the door to many applicants that cannot financially afford to attend trade schools. Our ISAs increase enrollment rates by 25%+. This opportunity drives enrollment and reduces financial burden.

To create long-lasting programs, we ensure that our funding terms are more student-friendly than a traditional loan. Payments begin once a student lands a job, ensuring alignment with student success. Students are able to focus on their education without the financial burden of loans and payments, reducing the drop rate.

Data-Driven Insights

We provide a personalized dashboard for all our partners to check their data at a glance and download reports. Maintain yourself up-to-date with application status' and payments with our student summaries. You can also track cash flow, projections, applications, and more on your portal.

You will access more data and analysis of all student payments and can easily see a running list of students through the onboarding, application, and repayment process. We provide a dedicated partnership team that analyzes your data and meets with you monthly to debrief and discuss your goals and needs. We work with you to build the right program and customize it to your requirements. 

Mia Share Exclusive Benefits

Our programs come with additional ancillary benefits and support. Our full-time Success Team will ensure seamless integration with Mia Share and guide them throughout their educational journey. With over 100 dynamic notifications and a dedicated team, we promote higher compliance rates for trade schools. We also assist with job placement to ensure overall student success. Career support for students, general advice, and networking are just some exciting ways schools increase value. 

Mia Share has tons to offer our partners and students. We got the extra mile to ensure success and satisfaction. ISAs are a great option for schools looking to increase enrollment and retention at no upfront cost! Reach out to Mia Share today to learn more about ISAs or our other tuition solutions.

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