Build a Talented and Skilled Team: Why Mia Share is Remote First

Build a Talented and Skilled Team: Why Mia Share is Remote First

There is a huge push for working remotely. As a matter of fact, in a survey held by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 87% of workers offered at least some remote work embrace the opportunity and spend an average of three days a week working from home. The benefits of remote work are not limited to just health protocols. Mia Share has been and will continue to be, a remote-first company for the competitive advantages it provides. Company culture is paramount to our success. We are able to make hires from a large talent pool. In fact, our 17 team members hail from 11 states and two countries. 

Mia Share facilitates the work-from-home process to make remote work seamless by continuously improving processes and technology. If you are a business owner wanting to offer remote work, hybrid scheduling, or even offering remote classes; this is why Mia Share is remote-first:

Positivity & Productivity

Remote work has never been more accessible. Technology continues to evolve to increase communication and integration. Whether you choose internal communication software or a third-party platform, a digital workspace design is to encourage collaboration and productivity. 

Global Workplace Analytics held research regarding the phenomenon of higher productivity working from home. Their study showed that remote workers are 35-40% more productive than their in-office counterparts, and 90% of employers have claimed productivity is the same, or even higher, than in-office.

At Mia Share, working together efficiently promotes a positive work environment that leads to more productive team members. This productivity is crucial to the success of a business because it leads to organized and goal-oriented outcomes. 

High-Value Employees

The talent available when offering remote work has no limits. Business owners have a wider choice of staff when hiring for remote positions. You no longer have to worry about location or relocation fees, hire can be anywhere in the world. This provides a greater pool of candidates that have the skills and experience to join the company. Remote work creates a specialized workforce which also leads to increased productivity.

Loyalty & Retention

Happy employees mean loyal employees. Being able to create a flexible schedule that suits workers’ needs as well as the company's, creates mutual respect for their work and output. High collaboration and positive team culture, also builds trust within the company. This leads to another great benefit of working remotely and reducing business costs: retention.

A survey report conducted by Owl labs suggests remote workers are happier and stay in their jobs longer. They also found that workers working from home reported being happy 22% more than workers who always work in an onsite office environment. Because your team is happy and satisfied, they won't look for another job. Not only saves you money, but also creating a solid team foundation and keeping your high-value skills, in-house.

We are proud to say that Mia Share reaps all the benefits of a remote team, with a highly-skilled and goal-oriented team. Since the start of 2022, we have grown our team from 9 to 17 dedicated and valuable members. When deciding to become a remote-friendly office, heavily consider the increase in productivity and retention within the benefits!

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