We are focused on high-value education. Together we can help more people improve their lives.

Our Mission

Supporting schools to empower students. At Mia Share, we build, manage, and fund custom tuition solutions for high-quality trade and technical schools that prioritize student outcomes. Through our specialized software and human support, we facilitate custom Single Payments, Income Share Agreements (ISAs), Payment Plans and Hybrid structures. We give more students the ability to pursue affordable, valuable education while helping our partner schools improve enrollment, retention, and outcomes.

What Sets Us Apart


We help you offer innovative payment options to your students that will help increase your enrollment and retention. Students are more satisfied because their payments are based on their success.

Payment Plans

Mia Share manages your payment plan operations, gives you more flexibility and provides your students a better experience. All while lowering your transaction costs!

Single Payments

Create and send an invoice to students in minutes. Keep all payments in one place, give your students a seamless experience and lower your transaction costs.

Real People

With Mia Share, we are here to support you any time of the day. You and your students receive full human support. Email, text, call, or chat with us!

We are dedicated to supporting schools to empower students.


You are not alone! Managing payment options in-house is difficult. Mia Share can help you and your students connect with better payment solutions. We are focused on efficiency, human support and proving through doing.

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It shouldn’t be stressful to invest in education to better your future. We started Mia Share to help more students have affordable and flexible payment options.

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OUR Values

1. Students always come first: We are only successful if our students are.

2. Do what’s right: We treat all our partners and students the way we want our own families to be treated.

3. Collaborate openly: We are stronger together and we deliver more through shared goals, support and open communication.

4. Passion: We love what we do and will work tirelessly for the success of our students and schools.

5. Trust is everything: We are transparent and we do what we say we’re going to do.

6.Results matter: We analyze outcomes to continually improve.

OUR Story

We will be the partner for schools that prioritize student outcomes. We offer schools best-in-class analytics and data management, scalable systems, innovative solutions, customization, transparency, and hands-on customer support. We see value opportunities in expanding the solutions we provide for our schools and students. We see large-scale potential in implementing income-based structures across a wide range of personal finance and employee benefit programs.

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